Translator’s productivity (part 2) — shortcuts

Translator's Productivity --shortcuts (click on the image to enlarge)Translator’s productivity — shortcuts (click on the image to enlarge)

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“In computing, a keyboard shortcut is a sequence or combination of keystrokes on a computer keyboard which invokes commands in software. Some keyboard shortcuts require the user to press a single key or a sequence of keys one after the other. Other keyboard shortcuts require pressing and holding several keys simultaneously.” Wikipedia

Using shortcuts in your work will undoubtedly help you become more productive. At first it requires a conscious effort to start using them and remember them but with time their use becomes a reflex.

I have adopted a few which I use on a daily basis. However, I’d like to start using some more as they help me optimize my time and increase my productivity.

Below there is a list of links to useful articles with detailed examples of existing keyboard shortcuts that you can easily start using in your daily computing tasks:

What about you? Which shortcuts do you use?


“Weirdest place where you’ve ever worked on a translation project”

Weirdest place where I've worked on a translation project -- click on the image to enlarge

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Idioms in translation: It’s not always easy to make ends meet

making ends meet

making ends meet -- click on the image to enlarge

Translating idioms is one of the many challenges translators face on their work. According to the Collins Cobuild dictionary: “an idiom is a group of words which, when they are used together in a particular combination, have a different meaning from the one they would have if you look the meaning of all the individual words in the group”.

Translators should be aware of the meaning of idioms and avoid translating them literally.

Challenge: how would you translate this comic into your source language (provided it is not English, of course) and keep it funny?

Happy translating!


Welcome to translator fun!

Welcome to Translator Fun — a blog for translators willing to share fun ideas and translation challenges.

I’ve decided to start this blog to bring together my passion for translation and my never-ending drive to have fun with what I do.

In this blog you will find comics which by no means depict a drawing talent but are rather intended to reflect on translator’s jargon, working environment, plays on words and stuff.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find it a useful resource to chill out before, during or after work.

Thanks for reading.

Have fun!


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