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Would you like to see your logo listed on Translator Fun:

You can sponsor Translator Fun and have your logo added to the Sponsors’ section. There is a 12-month and/or a 6-month option. Send an email to to receive more information about sponsoring the site.

Sponsoring a particular cartoon on the site:

If you would like to sponsor Translator Fun or a particular cartoon in this blog, you can send an email to translatorfun @ to arrange the details.

See examples of sponsors for a specific cartoon:

Submitting a Guest Post:

Do you have original content related to translation and interpreting that professional translators and/or interpreters would find interesting? Do you have original content that could educate translation buyers and/or end-clients?

Translator Fun now offers the possibility of getting your content posted on this site. This feature is paid and the content must meet certain requirements to be posted on the site. If you are interested about learning more about this feature send an email to translatorfun @ 


Si deseas auspiciar Translator Fun o alguna viñeta de este blog, puedes enviar un mensaje de correo electrónico a para obtener más información.

Puedes ver ejemplos de auspiciantes de viñetas específicas aquí:


2 thoughts on “Become a sponsor

  1. Dear Brian,

    Sponsors can add an advertising text of their preference with links to their sites below an already published cartoon on Translator Fun or in an upcoming cartoon.

    If you would like to know the pricing for these options you can send an email to

    If you click the links to the cartoons above, you will see examples of some sponsors at Translator Fun.

    Best regards,

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