Buy Translator Fun’s cartoons

If you would like to use a cartoon in a presentation, paper, blog post or send an eCard to your fellow translators, friends or clients as a thank-you note, birthday greeting or as an encouragement to keep up the good work you can get a Translator Fun cartoon. Simply use the PayPal purchase button (see purchase process). By buying a cartoon, you will be also showing your support for my artwork. So thanks!

Purchase process (standardized cartoons):

1.- Choose one cartoon below or any cartoon published on Translator Fun (each cartoon has a purchase code).

2.- Click on the PayPal button.

3.- Enter the purchase code and your email.

4.- Once payment is received, the cartoon without watermarks will be sent to the email address you entered at the time of the purchase. All cards can be customized (the background, font color, etc.). Your name and the recipient’s name can be added, too. If you are a translation agency, your logo can be included in any of the cards.

5.- If you would like to get a cartoon which is not listed below yet, please complete the payment and send an email to indicating the name or link to the cartoon of your interest. You can order any cartoon published on Translator Fun. Check the archive

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Christmas Cards For Translators
Christmas Cards For Translators. Purchase code X2.


Christmas cards for translators.
Christmas cards for translators. Send a virtual hug to your favorite translator this Xmas.


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Spooky quotes for translators
Spooky quotes for translators. Purchase code H5
Cards for translators and language lovers
You are grounded. Cards for translators and language lovers. Purchase code D7.
Translator, you are my hero
Send this card to the translators you admire. Let them know their work is appreciated. Purchase code H2.

Translator obsessed with grammar errors
Merciless about grammar errors and typos. Purchase code P1.
Cards for translators with quotes about language
Cards for translators with quotes about language. Purchase code Q1D

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Happy all-nighter, translator!
Card to send to your fellow translator to encourage them to meet the deadline. Purchase code H1.








Cards for translators
Love your cat tool. Purchase code H3
Cards for translation agencies
Cards for translation agencies. Purchase code CL1G.





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