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Running this blog has given me personal satisfaction such as seeing Translator Fun mentioned in must-follow-blog lists in the translation industry. Below are a few of the reviews the blog has received over the years:

I came across this compilation over on by Romina Bona. (She also creates brilliant comics about translators and their joys and struggles, btw, which are also for sale here.)

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When you’re struggling with too many words and tight deadlines and need some fun just to give your mind a rest, you can try Translator Fun or Mox.

Wondrous Wednesday Worktools 2 by Ponti di Parole


Those who want translation info and posts with a heavy dose of humor should check out Translation Fun. This site is dedicated to translation humor and humor for translators. Day to day translation can become a bit dull, so visit this site for a quick injection of humor.

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Who knew some translators moonlight as cartoonists?Romina Bona is doing just that at Translator Fun, a blog that features cartoons about translation to bring a smile to your day.The hilarious cartoon posts, such as A Translator’s Flexibility Towards Proofreading, cover everything from translation jargon and the working environment to challenges translators face. Romina is an English-to-Spanish translator for social media, translation news, and fun projects. 

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Translator Fun is for those who would enjoy some posts and cartoons with a heavy dose of humor. The topics the blog tackles will sound more familiar to those actually working in the field of translation, who allow themselves looking at the job from a less serious angle.

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After a hard day in the translation trenches, this blog comes as a breath of fresh air, helping you see the job from a wider perspective and heavy doses of humor presented through various posts and cartoons. Warning: for translators only.

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Translator Fun es para aquellos que se quieren divertir con algunas publicaciones y viñetas con una gran dosis de humor. Los temas de este blog les serán más familiares a aquellos que están trabajando en el campo de la traducción. Esto les permitirá ver su propio trabajo desde un punto de vista menos serio.

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Translation work can be stressful, and at times as a professional translator, you get so serious with work you forget to have some fun. That’s why I recommend this blog, which offers translation info through humorous posts.

Using cartoons the author of the blog, Romina Bona an English into Spanish translator, writes short posts that will motivate you and get you laughing about some of your habits as a translator. I recommend you read this blog often to unwind after a long day behind the desk doing translation projects.

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Another great blog for brightening up your day is the aptly named Translator Fun. The site provides a series of humours glossary cards, with entertaining definitions that the articles then expand on very briefly. Short, sassy and well worth a few minutes of your spare time.

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Romina Bona offers light-hearted posts and merch based on themes close to all of our hearts!

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This is such a great blog packed full of wonderful posts which are funny, light and uplifting. You have managed to present the funny side of translation which can sometimes be easily forgotten about due to intense nature of such a domain. A short yet extremely entertaining post which will make the day of many if it hasn’t already.
This blog in particular possess a light-hearted feel, so it is well worth a read after a long day translating.
Thanks for making such a pleasant contribution with this illustration bearing in mind the current health crisis.

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