FAQs and Copyright

All the cartoons in this blog are the exclusive property of ©Translator Fun. Read the following FAQs to learn which ways of sharing cartoons are allowed.

1.- Can I use these comics on a printed source? (magazine, book, essay, etc.)

No. If you would like to use any of the cartoons published in this blog or on Translator Fun’s Facebook page, you can purchase them. The price of each cartoon is USD 1.5. You can send your payment via PayPal to translatorfun@gmail.com  or you can use this button
Buy Now Button

With your purchase please, enter a comment indicating the cartoon you would like to get and the email address at which you would like to receive the cartoon in png or jpg format.

2.- Can I share these comics with my friends? (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)

Yes, provided that you do not alter the images in any way and you acknowledge the source as Translator Fun and include the link to this blog, www.translatorfun.com.

3.- Can I suggest topics and/or wordplays I’d like to see on this blog?

Yes, of course! You can suggest them via email to translatorfun@gmail.com, via Twitter at @TranslatorFun or on Translator Fun’s page on Facebook.

4.- I’d like to see these cartoons translated into my native language. Any chances?

Yes, you can send the translation of your favorite cartoon(s) on Translator Fun blog to this email  translatorfun@gmail.com with your full name and a link to your profile. The cartoon will be posted in your language and you will be credited for the translation.

5.- I’d like to become a sponsor of Translator Fun. How can I do that?

To get all the details on how to sponsor the blog or a specific post in this blog contact the author at translatorfun@gmail.com.

6.- I love the blog. Who is the author?

Translator Fun is a creation of Romina Bona, an English into Spanish translator based in Argentina. In 2011, she decided to start this blog to bring together her passion for translation and her never-ending drive to have fun with what she does.

7.- What kind of posts can I expect to find on this blog?

On this blog, you will find funny and light-hearted sketches which by no means depict a drawing talent (wait… she is getting so much better!) but are rather intended to reflect on translator’s jargon, working environment, translation challenges of overcoming language barriers, and stuff.

8.- Why would translators be interested in visiting this blog?

Day to day translation can become a bit dull, so translators may visit this website for a quick fix of humor.

This blog is meant as a resource for translators to chill out before, during or after work while having fun.

9.- How can I get in touch with Translator Fun on Social Media?

On Twitter, you can reach Romina at @Romina_Bona and Translator Fun at @TranslatorFun.

10.- Is Translator Fun in Instagram?

Yes, follow the recent updates here.

11.- Is Translator Fun on You Tube?

Yes, you can watch the videos and subscribe to the channel here https://www.youtube.com/user/translatorfun. New content will be added soon!

12.- I love Translator Fun’s logo, who created it?

The logo is the creation of graphic designer María Luján Musante. You can reach her at lujanmusante at hotmail.com.


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