A translator at a party


A translator loves facts about language

Translators are language lovers

Most translators love to learn fun facts about language and share them with others.

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5 thoughts on “A translator at a party

  1. Thanks! And the funniest thing is that such language facts do amaze me only that I have now learnt not to show that side of my personality when trying to mingle with non-translators. Ha!

  2. Hehe! I just discovered this cartoon blog, it’s fun. I remember hanging out with my translator friends at uni. We would play the “synonym game” for hours. Probably freaked out all the other people in the bar. Had a good time though. Do you create these cartoons yourself?

  3. Hi GB Translation,

    Thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you liked this cartoon. Yes, I do create them myself. If you come up with an idea for an upcoming cartoon feel free to send it to me.


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