Pick up lines for translators

Pick up lines for translators
Pick up lines for translators. PC Q1G

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Dating freelance translators is not an easy task. This is the first post of many future posts suggesting pick up lines you can use if you want to win a freelance translator’s heart. One hint: any comment regarding language will do.

Translation is a solitary enterprise. All translators need a bit of encouragement and a bit of fun from time to time. Send these cards to your colleagues or to your clients and share good vibes about translation. All cards can be customized. The name of the recipient can be added as well as any other details of your choice. You can see all available cards here. More cards coming soon!

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5 most disliked words by translators

Most disliked words by translators
Most disliked words by translators

Translators love languages and words, but there are some words and noun phrases that they would list as their most disliked ones when they are addressed to them. If you’d like your freelance translator to love you, don’t you ever pronounce the following words in front of them: “tight deadline”, “best rates”, “translation test”, “machine translation” and “potential job”. See this cartoon in Spanish


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