Translators, unite! (International Translation Day – Sep. 30th)

International translation day
Translators, unite! (International translation day – Sep. 30th)
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TGIF: a translator’s dilemma

TGIF! A translator’s dilemma. Many translators are often faced with the dilemma of what to do when they receive a poor source text to translate. Is it the translator’s duty to improve the source text so that the target translation sounds professional? Or should the translator simply ask the client to work on improving the source text?



Translators, you rock!

Translators holding a you-rock sign
Translators do an amazing work conveying ideas from and into other languages, but their work is not acknowledged enough.

Translators do the magical job of conveying ideas from and into other languages so that people can better communicate. They usually put all their passion into their jobs, but this is not often acknowledged by others. Part of their jobs is to remain invisible, but appreciating their work won’t hurt.

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