Happy New Year 2023

Celebrate more and enjoy the little things
Happy New Year card 2023
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New Year card 2023
Hello 2023 card
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If you are into embracing new beginnings and opportunities, these are the right inspirational cards to send to welcome 2023. These cards share the hopeful and cheerful spirit for a bright and promising future and act as a reminder of the beauty of small things.

These cards are customizable (your name and logo and be added), so you can use them as a marketing tool to promote your services for the upcoming year and share your love while doing so.

Wishing you a wonderful end of the year and an even better 2023. Peace.


Word of the year 2022

Word of the year according to Collins dictionary
Word of the year 2022

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Collins dictionary has chosen “permacrisis” as the word of the year 2022. The word is used to describe an extended period of instability and insecurity, esp one resulting from a series of catastrophic events.

Permacrisis tops a list of 10 words, six of them new entries in the dictionary, which represent 2022, Collins said.

“Language can be a mirror to what is going on in society and the wider world, and this year has thrown up challenge after challenge.

“It is understandable that people may feel, after living through upheaval caused by Brexit, the pandemic, severe weather, the war in Ukraine, political instability, the energy squeeze, and the cost-of-living crisis, that we are living in an ongoing state of uncertainty and worry.”

Collins Dictionary monitors its 18bn-word database and a range of media sources, including social media, to create an annual list of new and notable words. Source The Guardian

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Common misconceptions about translation: it’s not a real job

Being a freelance transaltor is a real and excellent job.

Most people think being a freelance translator is not a real job.

It is widely believed that being a freelance translator is not a real job.

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