Happy New Year 2023

Celebrate more and enjoy the little things
Happy New Year card 2023
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New Year card 2023
Hello 2023 card
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If you are into embracing new beginnings and opportunities, these are the right inspirational cards to send to welcome 2023. These cards share the hopeful and cheerful spirit for a bright and promising future and act as a reminder of the beauty of small things.

These cards are customizable (your name and logo and be added), so you can use them as a marketing tool to promote your services for the upcoming year and share your love while doing so.

Wishing you a wonderful end of the year and an even better 2023. Peace.


Happy New Year cards for translators and interpreters

Happy New Year cards for translators and interpreters
Good vibes for 2021

Happy New Year! This is the first card of this series. With every new year we reset our minds and hopes for good things to come. Send this card to your fellow translators and/or clients to wish them the best for 2021.

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Proofreader defined – UGFTI

Proofreader definition for translators

Glossary for translators and interpreters – proofreader


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Being a translator requires a very important personality trait – confidence. It is sometimes hard to stay strong after proofreaders have done their jobs. Do you agree?

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You can see all the available cards here.

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Facts about translators

Facts about translators to educate your clients

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Are you tired of having your clients, friends, and family mixing the two professions and making wrong assumptions about what translators and interpreters do? Here is a cute way to educate those around you and get them to know you better.

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Don’t be fooled card for translators

Translator obsessed with grammar errors

Merciless about grammar errors and typos

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Now you can buy Translator Fun’s cards. Translation is a solitary enterprise. All translators need a bit of encouragement and a bit of fun from time to time. Send these cards to your colleagues or to your clients and share good vibes about translation. All cards can be customized. The name of the recipient can be added as well as any other details of your choice. You can see all available cards here.

More cards coming soon!

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Common misconceptions about translation: it’s not a real job

Being a freelance transaltor is a real and excellent job.

Most people think being a freelance translator is not a real job.

It is widely believed that being a freelance translator is not a real job.

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