Translators: beware of spelling mistakes during the Easter holiday!

Translators at Easter

Spelling mistakes during Easter

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See this cartoon in Spanish.

Wishing you a happy Easter time with a little bit of humor!

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Translator’s productivity (part 1): voice recognition tools

Productivity: voice recognition -- click on the image to enlarge

Translator's productivity: voice recognition -- click on the image to enlarge

See this cartoon in Spanish and in French

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Friend’s Day in Argentina

Happy friend's day

Friend’s day in Argentina

Also, see this post in Spanish>>

Today, July 20th, we celebrate Friend’s Day here in Argentina. On this day long-standing friends get together in bars, restaurants or at someone’s place to have dinner and honor their friendship.

So I wanted to celebrate Friend’s Day with my fellow translators and made a cartoon about it. I hope you like it!

You can follow tweets related to this day with the hashtag #amigo on Twitter.


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