Translator’s productivity (part 1): voice recognition tools

Productivity: voice recognition -- click on the image to enlarge

Translator's productivity: voice recognition -- click on the image to enlarge

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Backup -- click on the image to enlarge

On backups: According to Wikipedia, the primary purpose of backups is “to recover data as a reaction to data loss, be it by data deletion or corrupted data. Data loss is a very common experience of computer users. 67% of internet users have suffered serious data loss.”

Translators are among those computer users whose work may be lost in a matter of seconds. Some translators often forget to make a backup of their files and this may harm their productivity and put them in an unpleasant situation when it comes to meeting the deadline. Making periodic backups should be considered a best practice for translators.

When was the last time you made a backup of your files?


Note: I originally created this comic for the Translator Playground (this is an improved version).

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