False Friends: Dictionary English – Spanish by Francisco Hidalgo

Francisco Hidalgo, Lourdes De Rioja & Alan Rodger created this online False Friends dictionary. The dictionary is for students and/or professionals who are ever uncertain about the meaning of words in English that sound very similar to others in Spanish.

This dictionary translates only words, not expressions, and does not include all those that can be mistranslated. It translates only what are known as false friends; that is, words that appear to be identical or similar but have different meanings.

There are three ways in which you can use the dictionary:

1- You can enter your word in our dictionary search field, and you will immediately see the meaning in Spanish;

2- You can look for the word in the alphabetical list; and/or

3- You can enter your English text, and they will show you the false friends it contains, so you can click on the false friend to read the explanation.

You can find all the information about the dictionary at https://www.falsefriends.org/

You can watch the launch YouTube video in Spanish here.

This is the link to download your free App https://dictionary.falsefriends.app/en

I hope you find it useful.


Translator’s productivity (part 1): voice recognition tools

Productivity: voice recognition -- click on the image to enlarge

Translator's productivity: voice recognition -- click on the image to enlarge

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Backup -- click on the image to enlarge

On backups: According to Wikipedia, the primary purpose of backups is “to recover data as a reaction to data loss, be it by data deletion or corrupted data. Data loss is a very common experience of computer users. 67% of internet users have suffered serious data loss.”

Translators are among those computer users whose work may be lost in a matter of seconds. Some translators often forget to make a backup of their files and this may harm their productivity and put them in an unpleasant situation when it comes to meeting the deadline. Making periodic backups should be considered a best practice for translators.

When was the last time you made a backup of your files?


Note: I originally created this comic for the ProZ.com Translator Playground (this is an improved version).

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