Freelance translator – a poem

Poem for freelance translators
freelance translator – a poem

by Romina Bona

A knack for languages,

They say I have.

And extremely proud of that I am.

Words fascinate me and I’m obsessed,

With the parts of speech that are equivalent.

Language gaps are not my thing.

As I build bridges to aid the world.

The written word is my means of expression

And conveying ideas is my obsession.

I sometimes feel I’m an artist, 

sometimes a scientist,

 and other times just a typist.

I’m not invincible, I have my fears.

Typos haunt me, and 

low rates leave me in tears.

I’m a loner — they also say,

who works with CAT tools and the Internet.

With deadlines fast approaching,

I have no time for networking.

I eat and sleep over my laptop.

And many times I work through time zones.

If you need a translation done with love and care,

just send me a message and I’ll declare,

That I will do my job as I always do,

Flawlessly translating as it’s due.

I love all clients willing to pay good rates 

for all the craft, love and hard work 

that are involved in this travail.

© 2020 – Romina Bona – All rights reserved

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The translator — a poem






Here’s my first poem inspired by our lovely profession. I’ve been trying to find a nice one, but since I couldn’t, I wrote one myself.

I hope you like it and find it amusing.

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