Translator’s promises — don’t crash on me!

Do not crash on me! -- click on the image to enlarge

Does this scene sound familiar to you? Do you make promises to your computer? But, most importantly, do you keep them? Please post here the promises you’ve made to your “poor” PC/laptop and if they’ve worked.

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8 thoughts on “Translator’s promises — don’t crash on me!

  1. Well, I am somewhat more subtile and make my desktop some indecent proposals from time to time like to promise him a full month of paid vacancies…(but I can’t explain more here, just in case he is keylogging me right now… 🙂

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  3. Once upon a time, I promised that I would install a decent operating system to my computer. And I installed openSUSE Linux (it was 10.2 then, now it’s 11.3/11.4 on different computers). And I did not have to promise anything else, because the computer just works. No crashes, no viruses/trojans. Just boring work.

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