A freelance translator’s lifestyle

A freelance translator's lifestyle -- click on the image to enlarge

Also see this comic strip in Spanish.

Also see:

Have you been there? Do you think that this is an accurate description of a day in a freelance translator’s life? Is it a myth or an exaggeration maybe? Is there some truth in this description?

Would you like to share your story?


19 thoughts on “A freelance translator’s lifestyle

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  3. Romina what wonderful observations! Nadie cree lo que hacemos los traductores ni las exigencias de tener siempre trabajos urgentes. Un abrazo desde Australia … las condiciones son iguales en todo el mundo. Mil gracias por distraerme un rato y hacerme reir!! And I can’t stop myself from correcting other people’s grammar either.

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  6. It is sometimes true. Not necessarily so though. But we’re free to work in our slippers and eat yesterday’s leftovers if we want to, and that’s one of the very cool things about freelancing 🙂 (Just make sure you don’t have a skype video call before you combed your hair and had a shave and a shower though :))

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