Translators’ sayings

Translators’ sayings — click on the image to enlarge

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This cartoon is inspired in Curri Barceló‘s excellent initiative on Twitter encouraging tweets from translators about sayings adapted for translators in Spanish.

You can see all the tweets following this hashtag #dichosparatraductores (#translatorsayings in English).

You can follow Curri on Twitter at @currixan.

One of the sayings used in this cartoon, i.e. “Don’t count your TMs before they’re matched”, is by  @saulphil

You can see a more complete list with most of the tweets here.

BTW I’m thrilled with the news I received this morning telling me Translator Fun has been nominated for the Top 100 Language Lovers 2012 competition.

Voting will open May 15,  2012 so I’ll may ask for your support then.