A baby translator’s superhero

Babies' favorite superheroes -- click on the image to enlarge

Babies’ favorite superheroes — click on the image to enlarge

This post is dedicated to MOX II – What they don’t tell you about translation, the new great book by Alejandro Moreno-RamosI was delighted to get a copy of this book as this superhero has inspired me to start my own blog in the first place.

In Mox II, Alejandro Moreno-Ramos tackles the subjects of slavelance translators, the dangerous threat of Gurgle translate, less-than-honest colleagues, and much more.

This book includes 205 comic strips, more than half of which have never been published before, twelve articles written by distinguished translators and interpreters well known in the industry and some bonus material such as a guide to starting your own webcomic, plus step-by-step instructions for drawing Mox.

Mox II is an excellent present for your colleagues and for yourself.

A really hilarious book about translators and the translation industry.

Well done, Alejandro!


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