Thank you cards to send to clients

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Now, you have no excuses for not thanking your clients and reminding them you are open for business in 2021. Pick one of these cards to add as the signature in your emails or send them directly to your clients to show your appreciation and welcome the new year with renewed hope.

To purchase one of these cards simply click the “buy now” button and follow the purchase process. Don’t forget to enter the purchase code in the comment section and/or send an email to translatorfun @ to indicate the purchase code or title of the card you’ve just purchased.

Once payment is received, the card without watermarks will be sent to the email address you entered at the time of the purchase. All cards can be customized (your name can be added). If you are a translation agency, your logo can be included in any of the cards.

Purchase codes of the cards above:

“completing more Interpreting projects” CODE: LIFP1

“thank you for you and your referrals” CODE: TYR1

“good communication, reasonable deadlines…” CODE: TYRD5

“getting your message across” CODE: JOYMA1

“I always have time for you” CODE: TIMER1

“completing more translation assignments” CODE: LFTA1


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