International Translation Day

Translator's Day

International Translation Day is observed on September 30th

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Let me describe what happens in the life of translators every September 30th. They would wake up excited and hopeful expecting that this time their family and friends will remember it is the date to celebrate translation as a profession. They have already explained this numerous times in the past around this date making sure the people surrounding them know that soon it would be their date. Translators even fantasize about the idea of receiving presents or gifts on this day. After all, what they do is only comparable to what superheroes do! However, no matter the efforts made over the years to remind everyone September 30th is the right time to acknowledge the amazing and incredibly difficult job that translators do every day — the long hours spent in front of the computer, the sleepless nights, the research carried out, the passion invested in each word written, in each meaning conveyed, the battles with low rates, failing technology or intermittent Internet signal — almost everyone will forget…

Cheer up, translator, you are not alone! Your fellow translators WILL remember and greetings are surely on their way. Here’s mine.


Keep the good work for you are amazing. Honor this day and remember to greet your colleagues, too.

We rock! Have a good one.

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