Translator’s lifestyle — always “on duty”

"On duty" -- click on the image to enlarge

See this comic strip in Spanish

Also see:

‎”Being a language professional is a 24/7 job” Do you agree? Do you correct your friends’ grammar while they speak? Or do you simply make mental notes?


4 thoughts on “Translator’s lifestyle — always “on duty”

  1. In the past year since starting translation and interpreting professionally, I notice myself being a lot more aware of other professionals’ and hobbyists’ work. Particularly since I am a JE translator and I pass the idle days by catching up on my favorite fan-subbed Japanese animations, I will sometimes yell (er, comment) at the TV screen — “No that’s not what they (the character) meant!” “What the heck was that!”

    I haven’t had any friends rolling their eyes at me yet, so I think I am still safe. . .

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  3. I am only just beginning my training as a translator, but this is something that certainly rings true for me. I cannot help but tut at spelling mistakes and “typos” in printed literature. Ever since my passion for languages began I have pestered friends by pointing out their mistakes on social networking sites, instant messaging, or in speech.
    It’s good to know I’ll be fitting in well in this profession!

  4. It is so hard sometimes to not pick up a red pen and correct other people’s work, especially our
    children’s homework….! But, we really want to…!

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