There is no fun side to war

Showing your disapproval of war
Stop the war

Feeling absolutely impotent and incredulous about what is happening around the world, I felt the need to post something showing my disapproval of the war and of any actions that are not in line with healing the world and taking steps to recover from the pandemic, and fighting climate change. The world is ailing as it is. A war today seems incomprehensible. I thought humanity had learned from history and yet here we are…


1 thought on “There is no fun side to war

  1. It’s so terrible. It doesn’t seem real but of course it is. When I watch the reports I also shudder at the thought that it’s “just down the road” from here, really. Not in some far off place on the other side of the world. That only makes it seem all the more unreal. The poor people.

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